How to write a comment

A comment combines facts

about a situation, event, person, behaviour, attitude, statement

your opinion


Parts of a comment

1.   Introduction           - Start from given facts

2.   Main Part              - Combine facts and your personal opinion

3.   Conclusion            - Finish with your opinion


Suggested procedure

1.   Write the introduction Introduce the theme by referring to:
-  the latest news on the radio/TV
-  papers
-  recent debates or chat-shows on TV
-  to statistics or surveys
-  quotations of experts or scientists
-  personal experience
2.  Gather and select arguments Group them according to their:
-  relevance
-  importance
-  logical connection to the subject
3.  Write the main part Weigh pros and cons
- find examples
- come up with your personal opinion
4.  Write the conclusion  
5.  Link the several parts Use linking terms.


Phrases for a comment

  • It is often argued that
  • It is widely believed that
  • A commonly held view is that
  • As we have seen
  • As we know from


Main Part Certain / pretty sure Uncertain / doubtful
  • There is no question that
  • I am (quite) certain that
  • I am (firmly) convinced that
  • There is no denying that
  • I (firmly) believe that
  • I wonder if / why
  • I am doubtful whether
  • I am in two minds about
  • I cannot really believe that
  • In my opinion / view
  • To my mind
  • The first point I would like to mention
  • It seems to me, however,
  • As far as I can see
  • When we have a closer look at
  • In contrast to
  • With regard to
  • It is often / generally believed / accepted / taken for granted
  • On the one hand / on the other hand
  • In addition
  • One reason is that
  • Another argument is that
  • While
  • Whereas


  • All in all
  • To summarize
  • Therefore I would say / think / don’t think that
  • As a result
  • In short,
  • I conclude / I have come to the conclusion