Zum Geschäftsjahresende haben wir 484.000 Mitarbeiter beschäftigt, d.h. insgesamt 36.000 mehr als zum selben Zeitpunkt des Vorjahrs. Dieser Anstieg geht vor allem auf die Eingliederung von Mannesmann VDO und Mannesmann Dematic zurück. 26 Prozent unserer weltweiten Belegschaft sind Frauen.




    1.      Schulleiterin

    2.      Lehrer

    4.      Besitzer

    7.      Vorarbeiter oder Meister

    8.      Techniker

    9.      Ausbilder

    11.    Kollege



    1.    Schulleiter

    3.    Lehrling

    5.    Ingenieur

    6.    Abteilung

    10.  Chef


Who is the worse boss?

Premium Scrap

My office chair broke and my Boss refused to buy a new one, claiming there was no money in the budget for it. Undaunted, I took parts from other broken chairs and assembled a very nice replacement.

Just before my vacation, my Boss came to me with complaints he claimed were from other managers. He said they were concerned that I had assembled a superior chair and as a result a new chair was ordered for me.

After vacation, I returned to find a new 'standard' chair at my desk and my 'nice' chair in his office.



My Boss and his partner owned the firm. When his partner died, the day after the funeral my Boss went to the widow's house and took possession of his partner's company car, leaving the widow without transportation.


The Last Rule
A foreign company financed one of our biggest projects. While some of their officers were in our country on other business, they decided to stop by our plant for a quick review.

My Boss, the security officer, refused to let them into the plant. He cited a company rule requiring a 10 days advance notice for foreign visitors.

The next day we lost our project.