1. What would you do in the following situations?



A customer rings to say that he has received a damaged order. Do you ...

  • tell him that life is hard and put the phone down?

  • tell him to ring the transport company?

  • tell him to send a new order immediately?

  • ask him to return the order and then decide what to do?


A customer has no idea what product he should buy. Do you ...

  • tell him to go away and come back when he knows what he wants?

  • find out what the customer needs and sell it to him?

  • sell him the most expensive product you can?



The phone rings when you are leaving the office to go home. Do you ...

  • act as if you didn't hear it and go home?

  • answer it and spend time talking to the customer?

  • answer it and promise the customer that you'll ring back in the morning?

  • ask a colleage to answer it and go home.


A customer says he can buy the same product 25% cheaper from another supplier. Do you ...

  • tell the customer that you don't believe him?

  • reduce the price by 10% and hope the customer buys it?

  • tell the customer to go to the other supplier?

  • explain to the customer that your service and quality are better?





2. Information gathering.


Questions you should ask:


3. Solutions


Match the problems with their possible solutions:


A: Computerproblem


  • Paper jam.

  • Printer does not work.

  • E-mail is returned.

  • When you start you computer ist says "No system disk" and stops.

  • You can't get access to the internet.

  • Check if your modem is switched on.

  • Remove floppy disk and hit any key.

  • Check the plugs.

  • Open the paper tray and remove the jammed paper.

  • Check for correct address: every dot is important.


B: Problem with a cordless power drill


  • Why / electric motor / not running?

  • Why / drill / not clamp / properly?

  • What / wrong / electric motor?


  • Battery / should / charge.

  • Keyless chuck / blocked.

  • Trigger switch / set / anti-clockwise.




4. Help to solve real problems

Choose a problem and try to help at a computer newsgroup: